Formerly Youth Square

Synopsis: A documentary reviewing the last 20 years atmosphere of Iranian reformist press and observing the political-social situation's effect on journalism and reporters in Iran. Interviewing with famous journalists who have left their job as a result of this situation.


Writer, Researcher and Director: Mina Akbari

Director Consultant: Sepideh Abtahi

Cinematographer: Mohammadreza Jahan-panah

Editor: Sepideh Abtahi

Sound Recordist: Hassan Shabankareh

Sound Mixer: Ensieh Maleki

Composer: Ali Samadpour

Interviews with:

Mashalloah Shamsol-vaezin (The Journalist who became a Farmer)

Lili Farhadpour (The Journalist who became an Actress)

Newsha Tavakolian (A Photojournalist who continues working abroad)

Lelia Nasiriha (The Journalist who left The Country)

Sima Saeidi (The Journalist who became a coffee shop Owner)

Colourist: Saman Majd Vaziri

Graphic Designer: Hoodad Mosleminejad

Director Assistant and Production Manager: Abdolreza Nikpour

Photographer: Danial Shayegan

Distribution/ Sales: 

Maroon Films (Europe)

Venera Films (US)

Producer: Ehsan Rasoulof


 Running Time:70 Minutes 


Festival Selection(s):

- Varite International Film Festival (October 2020)

- Middle East Now Film Festival (September 2020)

-Hong Kong International Documentary Film Festival (November 2020)

-Cinema d'IDEA, Women International Film Festival (November 2020)

- Visions of Iran Film Festival (November 2020)

- Iranian Women's Film Festival (March 2021)

- Nostalgia Film Festival (September 2021)

- Iranian Film Festival Zurich (May 2021)



- The best Film (Cinema d'IDEA 2020)


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