Beyond The Threshold

Synopsis: In a small police station filled with cigarette smoke, two older officers are sharing a meal and opinions on how social media is destroying families in Armenia. A younger officer, obviously nervous, interrupts to ask about a person in the interrogation room next door. The older officers shrug off his concern, teasing and hazing him. Next door, the person is coerced into signing papers that retract a complaint - an injustice that just might cost her her life. Based on a true story.

Director: Angineh Isanians 

Screenwriters: Angineh Isanians, Hambardzum Hambardzumyan

Cast: Mkhitar Avetisyan, Sergey Danielyan, Narek Aleksanyan, Aram Karakhanyan, Anahit Kirakosyan

Editor: Rouholah Ansari

Art Director: Ovsanna Shekoyan

Color Correction: Farhad Ghodsi

Sound Editor: Hassan Mahdavi

Production Manager on set: Tigran Safaryan

First Assistant Director: Roozbeh Sajjadi

Script Supervisor: Bagrad Grigoryan

Casting: Lusine Danielyan

Makeup Artist: Salbi Aghajanyan

Music: Marine Grigoryan

Set Decorator: Yeghishe Hakobyan

Costume Designer: Lusine Sargsyan

Producer: Angineh Isanians

Running Time: 13 Minutes


Festival Selection(s):

- Clermont-Ferrand film festival (2021)


Watch the Trailer here